Current Exhibition:

Feedback Loop:
March 19 - May 05, 2024
Opening April 20, 1 - 5 pm

Jenny Hawkinson
How can collective listening and sounding practices in the city help redefine our relationship to place and others?

Feedback Loop is a space for experimentation as much as it is an exhibition. Modelled as a d.i.y. residency, using the gallery as a sounding board, feedback becomes the conceptual framework for five weeks of gathering, listening, composing and sounding with others.

Hawkinson’s practice exists between the studio and the streets. It can be found at the intersections of socially engaged art, mediation, visual art, social composition, somatics and sound studies. Over the course of the exhibition, Hawkinson and collaborators will develop an interdisciplinary framework for understanding how the city holds sound and how the body listens. They will consider the many implications of ‘feedback’; from exploring the space between a signal and the input, feedback as dialogue, circular systems and gift economies, a self-referential relationship to difference and the need for proximity.

The gallery will change weekly, growing with the conversations and artistic practices that take place. Interventions developed from listening and sounding within community will proliferate public sites throughout Vancouver (on the streets, in parks and under bridges) thus widening the scope of the studio and investigating an interplay between private and public space and the self and other.

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